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Training, Consulting & Production for Virtual Reality & Emerging Technologies 

Welcome the future of digital & immersive experiences. As a seasoned Virtual Reality & Emerging Technologies expert, I guide businesses, educational institutions, and non profits alike into the world beyond the screen. Through personalized consulting, dynamic speaking engagements, comprehensive training, and cutting-edge VR production, I unlock potential and transform how we interact with digital realms. Dive into the limitless possibilities of VR with me, and let's shape the reality of tomorrow, today.


As a result of years of experience and by working with a close network of industry experts I am able to offer a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve the return you are looking for. 

Bethan Lloyd Owen-Hughes, Wales

"Thank you Daniel for introducing us to the world of Virtual Reality. Your patience and expert training has given us the confidence and skills to deeply engage our staff and learners with VR."

Chris Madsen, Utah

"A recognized contributor within the XR community, Daniel is deeply knowledgeable of the XR ecosystem, with years of hands-on VR experience in leveraging spatial computing  across a wide variety of use cases."

Sharon Jones, Wales

"I have thoroughly enjoyed VR training with Daniel, his knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm makes him a great trainer. I feel that my knowledge, skills and confidence in using VR for education have developed greatly from attending the training."

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