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I'm Daniel Bryant,

founder of Collaborative Realities

The only thing I love more than empowering people to thrive with technology is to watch them collaborate and make it meaningful for their own purposes.

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Mission: Collaborative Transformation

My missions is: to empower and transform organizations and institutions globally through the collaborative application of immersive and emerging technologies.

I am passionately committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment within this technological evolution and believe that every individual, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to thrive in this new landscape. In harnessing these technologies, we are not only transforming the way we learn but also building a connected, inclusive global community.

Professional Background

With over 20 years of experience in education, training and project management and 5 years in immersive technologies, I'm recognized as a pioneer in the field of immersive education and training. My innovative strategies have empowered organizations globally to harness the power of virtual and augmented reality, driving tangible results.


As an award-winning innovator, I've spearheaded the development of industry-first products and transformative learning labs, consistently championing an inclusive and diverse tech community. My work reflects my deep commitment to democratizing immersive technologies, making a global impact and inspiring individual empowerment.


I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the best minds and innovators in the industry pushing boundaries and exploring new territories: Co-Founding Educators in VR - the global community or educators, researchers and trainers exploring and collaborating in VR - with over 5000 regular users in just three years; setting up of an award-winning Immersive Learning Lab, fostering innovation among staff and learners alike; leading the Virtual World Society founded by Prof Tom Furness. 

These initiatives have seen the production of 100+ industry-leading VR events and three of the largest VR conferences, contributing to a significant 95% reduction in CO2 emissions. As a keynote speaker, I've shared my insights at over 30 national and international conferences, displaying my expertise to a global audience. These accomplishments underline my unwavering commitment to revolutionizing education and training through technology.

Values & Vision

At the heart of my work lies a set of deeply held values - equity, diversity, and inclusion. I firmly believe that everyone should have access to high-quality education, and see technology as a transformative tool in accomplishing this mission. To me, Virtual and Augmented Reality aren't just about the tech - they're about creating a learning environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and empowered.

My vision for the future is one where immersive and emerging technologies play a fundamental role in education and training, breaking down barriers and democratizing access. I envision a world where these technologies inspire creativity, innovation, and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. My ambition is to make this vision a reality, one immersive learning experience at a time.

My Story

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in education instilled in me a profound respect for the power of knowledge and learning. This understanding of education's transformative power guided me towards teaching refugees and migrant workers, where I experienced firsthand the undeniable impact of tailored, immersive learning experiences.


A serendipitous encounter with a low-cost VR headset sparked a revelation that would define my career. My first virtual tour of the International Space Station showcased the limitless potential of immersive technology in education. This experience reshaped my perspective overnight, compelling me to dedicate my career to integrating Virtual Reality and emerging technologies into education and training, forever changing the course of my professional journey.

Ben Erwin, USA

“Few people ‘get it’ like Daniel.  He’s a pioneer, a builder, a doer, and one of the great minds in the field of XR. I’m proud to call Daniel my friend."

Rhodri Llwyd, Wales

"Daniel has extensive expertise in both education and technology and has his training gave us the skills and confidence to engage our students with VR."

Joe Millward, Australia

"Daniel is one of the true leaders in the immersive technology industry. He has a clear understanding of how AR/VR can deliver true business impact."

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