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Projects & Collaborations

Innovating Collaborative VR 

Virtual reality is the perfect medium for collaborating, whether for teams, organisations, classes, communities or networks. When we collaborate we learn more and have a greater impact.


Here are a few of the many projects I have led, or have collaborated in.

Spotlight on a Rapper
Earth from Space

Green Conference

The 'Green Conference' is an virtual conference format that allows for remote immersive experiential gatherings of over 5,000 attendees to exploit the CO2 savings opportunity of VR while. In 2020 this format achieved an impressive 95% CO2 savings, demonstrating the reality of these sustainable practices without compromising on the quality of experience. With robust strategic planning and innovative use of technology, it was demonstrated that environmental responsibility and large-scale event management could coexist seamlessly.

The Green Conference was also proud to host YOUNGA, the global youth action summit, bringing together 140 organizations from around the world to foster dialogue and spark change. In collaboration with ImmerseUK, we contributed to their Net Zero initiative around COP26, affirming our position at the forefront of sustainable event management. Our work on the Green Conference exemplifies our capacity to create meaningful, impactful experiences that align with the urgent needs of our planet.

XR Company Spotlight

At the forefront of the immersive technology revolution, our 'XR Company Spotlight' project offers companies an unparalleled platform to showcase their innovative work in the immersive industry. By hosting live, interactive spotlight events in Virtual Reality, we provide a uniquely engaging format for businesses to highlight their offerings, technologies, and breakthroughs. 

The XR Company Spotlight is more than just an event - it's an immersive journey that brings the audience into the heart of each company's vision. By leveraging the power of VR, we enable participants to interact with the showcased technologies in real-time, creating a deeply personal and impactful understanding of the products. This project embodies our commitment to driving innovation, fostering connections, and promoting the power of immersive technology in a business landscape.

Overview Effect

Our 'Overview Effect VR' project takes educational immersion to a whole new level, offering participants a truly transformative experience. Based on Frank White's profound concept and book, the Overview Effect, this project uses the power of Virtual Reality to simulate the life-changing perspective shift astronauts often report after viewing Earth from space.


Through the 'Overview Effect VR', we invite participants on an awe-inspiring journey that encapsulates the beauty, fragility, and interconnectedness of our home planet. The immersive VR experience stimulates not just learning, but a deep emotional connection to our world, fostering a renewed sense of responsibility towards our environment. This project represents our dedication to using cutting-edge technology for meaningful education, inspiring individuals to see the world through a different lens and empowering them to make a difference.

VR Community Building

With the 'VR Community Building' initiative I apply my expertise in fostering small and large digital communities and promoting immersive engagement. This initiative partners with organizations to establish a powerful 'immersive presence', achieved through a carefully planned program of events and the creation of online community platforms. 


The approach goes beyond merely integrating technology into organizations; we strive to create shared, immersive experiences that foster connection, collaboration, and innovation. Through the VR Community Building initiative, we help organizations not only adapt to the digital age but thrive in it. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to build a robust, engaged online community that transcends geographic barriers, setting the stage for sustained growth and impact in the immersive technology landscape.

Wales in VR

Our 'Wales in VR' project, currently under development, is an ambitious endeavor designed to capture and showcase the rich cultural, geographical, historical, architectural, and natural highlights of Wales through the lens of immersive VR. This innovative project aims to bring the distinct essence of Wales to the world, allowing anyone, anywhere to virtually explore and experience the country's unique offerings.


As part of our commitment to promoting global cultural exchange and understanding, we are actively seeking partnerships with representatives from other nations. We aim to replicate this immersive VR showcase model for other countries, offering a virtual platform to highlight their unique landscapes, histories, and cultures. 'Wales in VR' demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of immersive technology to create experiences that educate, inspire, and connect people across the globe.

Photogrammetry & LiDAR Scanning

Our 'Photogrammetry & LiDAR Scanning' project takes reality capture to new heights, partnering with clients and organizations to develop photorealistic 3D models for immersive VR and AR experiences. This project merges cutting-edge technology with meticulous craftsmanship, transforming real-world objects and environments into high-fidelity digital assets.


Through our collaborations, we leverage the precision of photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning to capture intricate details and textures, creating 3D models that truly mirror their physical counterparts. These digital assets can then be integrated into VR and AR platforms, providing enriched, immersive experiences for end-users. Our 'Photogrammetry & LiDAR Scanning' project reflects our dedication to technological innovation, enabling us to create immersive experiences that blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.

Joe Millward, Australia

“Daniel's extensive education background ensures users and organisations are given the right skills to fully embrace this next computing platform."

Rob Theriault, Toronto

"Daniel is a visionary in the immersive learning space, and an incredible events leader and public speaker. We first met in a virtual reality event in 2020 and quickly become friends and mentors to one another."

Lisa Driver, MI

“We would recommend Daniel any time. There's little he doesn't know about this technology and this industry and he has a great ability to share it in a way that makes sense.”

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