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I offer a unique portfolio of professional XR services for education, training, enterprise and non-profits. 
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Virtual Reality Glasses

Professional Development

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Professional Development

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Event Production

VR & AR Training

I offer a unique portfolio of VR & AR training services. With a background in education and a deep understanding of VR's transformative potential, I design and deliver training programs that truly harness the power of this medium. Whether it's teacher training in VR pedagogy, corporate training in VR application, or customized immersive modules for specific learning outcomes, my training services are designed to meet your unique needs.


My training is not just about learning to use VR; it's about learning to leverage VR to its fullest potential. Understanding the intricate relationship between technology, pedagogy, and learner engagement, my training programs empower participants to utilize VR for impactful, innovative learning experiences. From hands-on workshops to ongoing support, my training services guide you every step of the way, ensuring that you're equipped to navigate and succeed in the immersive learning landscape.

Consulting & Advising

I offer expert consulting and advisory services designed to guide your team or organisation through your journey into immersive technologies. Specializing in Virtual and Augmented Reality for education and training, I leverage my extensive experience and insights to support enterprises, educational institutions, and non-profits in leveraging these transformative technologies. I provide strategic guidance for VR projects, assists in the development of immersive training modules, and lends my expertise to develop sustainable and successful VR initiatives.

Whether you're in the early stages of exploring the potential of VR or seeking to optimize an existing immersive program, my consulting services can provide valuable guidance. I offer practical solutions that address both technical and pedagogical challenges, ensuring that your VR projects not only utilize cutting-edge technology but also provide meaningful, effective learning experiences. My commitment to achieving tangible results aligns with my clients' success - allowing me to be an invaluable partner in navigating the future of your immersive education and training.

Speaking & Hosting

Speaking and hosting at over 30 conferences and events - including keynotes and track hosting - over the past 5 years has allowed me to to become well-versed in engaging audiences through powerful speeches, presentations as well as thought-provoking articles. Leveraging my extensive expertise in immersive technologies, I provide insights that inspire innovation and drive transformation. As a keynote speaker, I aim to deliver compelling narratives that articulate the value of VR in education and training, and seek to leave audiences with actionable insights and a clear understanding of VR's potential impact.

In addition to speeches and presentations, I am an experienced track and panel host, guiding discussions and facilitating engaging dialogues. My nuanced understanding of immersive technologies ensures conversations are rich, relevant, and forward-thinking. Whether penning an article or hosting a panel, my approach is characterized by an unwavering commitment to promoting understanding of VR and its transformative capabilities - even if it means being contrarian from time to time. I seek to educate and inspire, and ensure that audiences and readers are empowered by the knowledge they gain.

Virtual Events

With an extensive track record in immersive technologies, I bring unparalleled expertise to the ideation, development, and execution of innovative virtual events. From workshops and conferences to bespoke training sessions, my approach combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of effective communication to deliver engaging and impactful experiences.


When it comes to event production and hosting, I focus on transcending traditional boundaries. I enable organisations to harness the potential of virtual spaces, bringing together diverse audiences from around the globe. With this immersive approach, I create dynamic environments that stimulate shared experiences, knowledge sharing, interaction, and authentic connection, empowering organizations to achieve their objectives in an increasingly digital world.

XR Learning Labs

Guiding educational institutions and businesses in the design, implementation, and management of XR learning labs is one of my key areas of expertise. Drawing on my experience in overseeing award-winning Immersive Learning Programs, I provide tailored advice to empower organisations in effectively leveraging XR technology for transformative learning experiences.


From the initial consultation stage through to the ongoing management of the learning lab, my hands-on approach ensures that every aspect of the project aligns with your unique needs and goals. Whether you are aiming to enhance workforce development or enrich the academic experience, I work with you every step of the way to unlock the full potential of XR in your learning environment.

Content & Creative

As a seasoned content creator and innovator, I leverage my industry connections and work with a team of top-tier creators, to cater to to the specific needs of each project. Together, we push the boundaries of what's possible with immersive technologies, developing custom content, events, and immersive experiences that captivate and inspire.


My expansive network and I are adept at harnessing the transformative power of VR and AR to deliver bespoke 360 content and immersive experiences. From training modules to immersive events, we craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences and facilitate memorable interactions, fostering a deep connection between your brand and its audience.

Our Clients Say

"Daniel has supported the team fully, and provided us all with opportunities to develop within our fields of expertise. The sessions were always interesting and impressive. I would highly recommend the sessions to others."

Bethan Lloyd Owen-Hughes, Program Manager

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